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OL Flowers

Based on 20 years' of experience, the florists at OL Flowers are able to work closely with you to create the display that you want.It doesn't matter wheher you are looking for a complete display for a party or event or just a simple, elegant bouquet of roses to surprise a certain someone, we will always take the time to find your needs.

Why choose us?

At OL Flowers, we believe that the most important part of creating any flower arrangement is getting to know and understand the peron who ordered it. By knowing what you are looking for any why you need it, we will be able to offer you any advice, suggestions and help that you might want in order to end up with the perfect floral display.Our expert florists will be able to advise you with colour, shape and scent combinations that can elevate the flower arrangement that you asked for into something that is truly magical, tailored specifically for you and the intended recipient.

Delivery Costs (Listed Areas ONLY)£2 Armagh city only£6 Moy, Lough Gall, Benburb, Blackwatertown, Killylea, Caledon, Tynan, Middletown, Madden, Keady, Milford, Market Hill, Richhill, Barrack St.


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